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Web Tips Guy:  Getting Targeted Buyers From the Internet

Is your business missing out on thousands of new customers from the internet?

Notice how even the Yellow Pages is getting smaller ever year? People now more than ever are turning to the internet for information, products and services. Millions of people every day are looking specifically for what your business has to offer.  The question is: Are they seeing your business?

Chances are, if your website is not ranked at the top of the search engines the answer to that question is NO!  What would it mean to your business to have hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of new visits to your website each and every month?

Fact is, in the very near future, if you aren’t doing business online, chances are you’ll be out of business.  Marketing is the heart and soul of any business.  Your return on Investment (ROI) on properly structured internet marketing campaign can be well over 100%.  But how do you know what to do?  Who has the time to learn it all?  How do you even begin??

That’s where we can help.  Nationally or internationally, as internet marketing experts, we can guide you through the process to successfully marketing your business online.  We’ll even do it for you so you can focus on what you do best ; run your business.  We’ll make sure you get it right the first time saving you hundreds of hours of time and thousands of dollars in ineffective advertising.

We don’t just review everything positively.  Our focus is on making sure you are getting a honest review for all types of services to help you get your business instead of your competitors. Not only will you get your site ranked in the top of the search engines by ordering services we rated positively, we’ll make sure your visible wherever your target market searches ensuring you a steady stream of prospects and phone calls and turn those prospects in to paying customers.  That is why you are in business, isn’t it? And this is where our FREE TIPS will help!

How We Do It

We buy all kinds of ONLINE SERVICES including, but not limited to:

*  Search engine optimization                                   *  Email marketing
*  Website optimization                                              *  Local Search Engine Optimization
*  Video / video marketing                                          *  Customer reactivation campaigns
*  Article marketing                                                      *  Pay-Per-Click and Google Adsense
*  Social networking                                                    *  Customer Reactivation campaigns
*  Web design                                                              *  Creating Strategic Business Alliances
*  Affiliate Marketing
*  Product Launches

We’ll sit down and write our experience, free of charge for you, so that you know what to avoid and what is actually high quality.
What kind of ROI can YOU expect from services we reviewed POSITIVELY?  Let’s use an example:

Say you are a local jeweler and the monthly searches for jewelry in your town is 2000 a month. The top search engine rankings get roughly 87% of the views.  In our case, that would be 1740 visits to your site.  Of those, with the properly structured website, you can expect about 25% of those visitors to call. That’s 435 calls.  Now take your own “average conversion rate” – typically about 10-25%.  In our example, that would mean 43 to 108 new sales.  If you average $500 a sale, you’d be generating $21,500 to $54,000 in NEW sales MONTHLY.

Go ahead and use your own numbers and see what you come up with – How soon would you like to see these types of results in your business?

It’s impossible, but if you use services that we reviewed positively, you have 99% chance to achieve this!

Why Web Tips Guy?

To begin with, you’ll find expertise here you can’t find all in one place.  We’ve spent the last 3 years with the top experts in the internet marketing field and brought it all together in one place for you. This isn’t the type of marketing taught in any school. This is thoroughly tested, proven marketing strategies and tactics that get results. Period.

And if you want to learn to do it yourself, we’ll help you with that as well. Just sign in to your right to become a subscriber and learn as you go with our weekly Questions and Answer calls, teleseminars, webinars, video tutorials, weekly expert interviews and special reports.

You just tell us what marketing help you need and we’ll get it done for you. FOR FREE!

Are you ready to get targeted buyers from the internet or will you wait and be left in the dust as your competitors pass you by?